Strange Cargo

Flowers In The Attic
These Soft Machines
Orphan's Affinity
Strange Cargo




Violent Pale

Through you, blows a wind that whispers to you
Hints to, hidden rocks waiting beneath you
See through, all the shipwrecks in her deep blue
Pulls you, right back to a place you once knew

Haunts you, like a ghost searching for the truth
Warns you, as her siren song calls you

Defining winds
The siren sings
A shift within
New discipline

A second skin
An origin
That marks the point of no return

Would you, stay on course at all if you knew?
Could you, change your ways at all if you knew?
That you might never reach shores you pursue

Whatever change stays mine

The change inside stays mine

Refining winds
As change sets in
A shift within
New discipline

A second skin
An origin
That marks the point where you begin.

Askew - the room that holds my truth
Statues of a deep blue,
guard windows that you can't see through

Doorways - from dreams that's gone astray
Screenplays hide their pathways,
a million keys can't betray

In a hidden space
There's a quiet place
Where it's safe and sound
And it won't be found

The most precious thing
Now lies deep within
Where no one can see
All this secrecy, belongs just to me

Hidden in a book yet unwritten
Ribbons of deep crimson
Binding pages from ever turning

And in it, you might find what I'm keeping
Backlit - not revealing
I will keep you from ever seeing

In a hidden space
There's a quiet place
Where it's safe and sound
And it won't be found

The most precious thing
Now lies deep within
Where no one can see
All this secrecy, belongs just to me

These flowers - infinite.
Yet no one can see it

This attic - I commit,
to harbour my secret.

As motives bleed from fingertips,
the flow of promise start to warm these lips

An incantation thaws a soul,
(in disbelief)
can't help but wonder what's the hidden goal
(I cannot breathe)

You never told her
just how she's broken
this heart that holds her
A spell has clouded
a trust so unfounded

Forever frozen
What you have chosen
betrays devotion
This spell has shrouded
a faith so unbounded

With air still cold and patience thin,
I pulled you closer - underneath the skin

But with you came more than pain - there's no safety here
(I can see through you)
Of a broken spell remains, just a frozen tear
(I'm immune to you)

These severed ties bleed warning signs,
still every day I seem to die... ten thousand times.

These eyes tell lies
they hide what should not be free
believe what you want to see

These hands draw plans
to escape from a devious deal
a wound they can never heal

These lips
let slip
revealing the signs you've missed
were sealed with a devil's kiss

For something that starts off so soft and so clean
we abuse and misuse these soft machines
there's no in-between

For something that ends up to hurt and mislead
we'll feed it with mistrust to plant a seed
the rest we don't need

This skin - within
we hide what we want to feel
so scared we won't ever heal

This heart - soft part
things caught in the web it weaves
will die if they cannot breathe.

Collections in cages,
defining the wages

The boundaries so unclear,
there's no one to trust here

Degraded in stages
Rejection still rages

The boundaries familiar,
still no one to trust here

We're moving along the same lines, but ignoring the symmetry
drifting closer towards each other, while we keep our proximity
As we're building our ties on new lies, stepping over our dignity
we're still clinging to our assumptions, with an orphan's affinity

Acceptance - so fitting
Obedience - permitting

Erasing all traces,
still favours our graces.

Amber curls through the night
Hungry bodies - warm light
Our shadows dance on the walls
You fear the questions I call

Crooked coil, burnt to black
The scab that always comes back
And as my 'want' turns to 'need'
I see your shadow recede

And just like all flames burn away
You never really planned to stay
The unknown man that you betrayed
Recur in scenes you can't replay

You don't see what you freed
The debris now feeds me

The lack of answers
Turns trust to anger
It feeds a cancer
that kills the amber.

One tear on the sun, where you start from
Stumbling as you run, through the maelstrom

As you drift away, through a heatwave
Static points the way, you won't be saved

The broken son
who thought he'd won
you can't outrun
what's left undone

Mislead everyone, using left-turns
Still running from the sun, as your heels burn

Tied-up in your lies, you're trapped in here
the static then cries "I'm now your fear!"

The broken son
who thought he'd won
you can't outrun
what's left undone

The frozen son
left cold and numb
ran from the sun
lost everyone
The prize you've won

Your focus on one
Just look at what you've become
One tear hides the sun
You're back where you started from

Torn apart
from the start
should've listened to
your own heart.

Just when you think you've had enough
a whispered laugh calls out your bluff
And with the prowess of a thief
it came to change what you believe

Strange cargo - curse load
slowly drifting your way
In tow, so slow
but will never be delayed

(strange) cargo - curse load
whisper finding its way
echoes just grows
never going astray

Now you can run and you can hide
but it follows on your blindside
a patient wait until you stop
and that's just where it catches up

it's been a part
right from the start
the hidden voice
that plays on your choice

Strange cargo - the curse load
slowly drifting your way
Still in tow, and so slow
but it will never be delayed

(strange) cargo - the curse load
whisper finding its way
the echoes that just grow
this nomad came here to stay.

Cast and moulded - well defined
Bent and folded - one of a kind,
a new bloodline

Kind and skillful - yet so deprived
Artificial, just to survive
Are you alive?

Straight and narrow - a lonely line
Details are arrows that's killing time
a flaw by design

Hide - or face these fears
Those silent blows that no one hears

Why - it seems so clear
Your fragile frame - an end so near
as the cracks appear

Through hesitation, you hide yourself
such trepidation, too deep to delve

the mould was broken, when you gave in
the blow you feared for, came from within

You could leave the mistakes
lose the fear in your wake

There's not much that's at stake
oblivion's not your fate.

From above the sea, the cold beneath
I've found release

From the tied and bound, the lost unfound
I'll stand my ground

Here, upon this pier, where all seems clear
the sea in front of me disappears
falls out of sight, turns into night
Has this world finally lost the fight ?

Everything dissipates.

From beneath these waves, the cold sustained
found you love, everything you should hate
your eyes now glazed, you've lost your way
and realized freedom's the price you've paid

Everything dissipates.

Concealed within the dark,
a ghost that's not a part
detached behind those eyes,
awaiting promised lies

The dance; a spiral move
Such pointless points to prove
A turn that comes to pass,
the ghost dissolves to glass

An essence deemed as wrong,
conform just to belong
mismatch those glassy eyes,
a drug for broken minds

Unnatural and so strange
a nature that won't change
with all that comes to pass,
this ghost remains in glass

These black mirrors,
reflect what I see
A clear picture,
of things I don't need

A shy distance,
the safety between
Reject whispers,
from ghosts that deceive

False lips that start to bleed
half-truths play hide and seek
These words collect in mass,
to fall and shatter glass.

You can be what you want to be,
just try and fit into what we might need
You were taught since infancy,
that this faith shall set us all free

(my) Nature questions nurturing
What's the use of all this preaching
Water down those ancient words,
to beliefs with double teachings

You pray it can't be wrong,
but it's pulling at your fibre
Still, you're trying to hang on,
to a truth sustained by liars

You remember what they teach,
and it's pulling at your fibre
"Don't you question our beliefs"
or you will fuel unholy fires

Did man create your God,
in the image of a father ?
Order needs authority
for instinct listens to no other.

So holy and divine
with such selective wisdom
Self-righteous within lies
to justify your actions.

Inherant, ancient traces
Insight reveals two faces
A pair used in conjunction
A form that follows function

A swift, purging decision,
has shattered this cohesion
Neglect reveals the unseen
Mistrust is all you taught me

Inherant, ancient traces
Delight has scarred these faces
A tear precedes destruction
The form revise its function

A swift, precise incision,
has severed this cohesion
Neglect promotes the unclean
Disgust is all you left me

You won't ever know me
You look, but you just don't see

You just don't see.

Retreat from your subjectivity,
and see
Too far to feel some sensitivity,
from me

Always detached from all that could have been
This mind's unseen
Then wonder why there's now nothing left to feel
Your life is almost unreal

A thousand details; a million things
Their drowning beating like a million wings
Collective beauty, that pass you by
remains evasive as a dragonfly

So much silence to always hide behind
Such pride
Appears upright but lying on it's side
This mind's unkind

Return voices, destroy this self-made cage,
if that's what's required for change.

New debasers signed on the line
Change their names and we'll be just fine

So much effort just to forget
History - you just can't reset

In a place that's without a name
Eleven voices confuse the way

If you need to, you can pretend
Do whatever, just don't offend
What was said
What was meant

The cycle repeats;
And you will then see,
that rainbows won't change nations,
and nothing is free

What's the use to carry on
I've been here for far too long
So much changed but stayed the same
Still a face without a name

Is the right hiding from wrong ?
Will I find where I belong ?
Such a shame it stayed this way
As a stranger I'll remain.

So eager, you wanted to stay
I told you a waves' on the way
Its quiet noise; too loud to hear
Destroying what you hold so dear

Building a castle on sand
Objecting, yet guiding my hands

Silence has broken the shells,
creating a beautiful hell
Abandoned, the tides' drawing near
An empty space, drowning in fear

Building a castle on sand
You're always objecting, yet guiding my hands

Help me, I don't understand
I'm always forgetting the point of this plan

The sea has washed away
What once was there
Return to the oceans of neverwhere.

A perfect seed for perfect soil
I sometimes wonder what you thought you've coiled
Volunteered with hopes and fear
You almost steered away and clear

Devotional and premature,
you shared with me your own pipe dreams
Preconceived - false destinies
You must've known, I'm not what I seem

This strange, new fate has drained from you,
all you expect, all you can do
And finally this circle bent,
it twist and turned to meet its end

The perfect weed for this spoiling soil,
killing off its own mortal coil
A lucid move slashed off the feed
You must've known, I'm not a seed

You tore this need away from me,
and left a hole for all to see
Now I will steal what you can't be,
and fill this hollow void in me

You tore this need away from me,
and left a hole for all to see
Now I will steal what you can't feed
You must've known, I have no need.

A transparent introduction to soft white lies,
In your eyes I see your mind, hide behind
all you could find, in scenes that blinds the mind.

Caution, aversion, backspaced, erased
replaced with lace and shades of grey on planes of fate.
Your destination's paced.

I see you change,
from what you've been
To something else,
I've never seen
Now hid from light,
No day just night

Silence failed
A clone unveiled,
in violent pale

Eroded evolution through time and distance
This stance will remove reluctance,
you've had..
Removed, you took your chance.

New words - the lying violence
These thoughts remain in silence.

I see them change,
from what they've been
To something else,
I know I've seen
Now hid from light,
No day just night

Silence failed
Clones unveiled,
in violent pale

A life's betrayal,
a trust derailed
where silence failed.