07 December 2010 : Edge Of Dawn - Stage Fright EP.

The new Edge Of Dawn EP, 'Stage Fright' has been released.


01. Stage Fright (steril remix)
02. Valid World (acretongue remix)
03. Up (A Cold Case)
04. Enchanted
05. In Your Sleep (renegade of noise remix)
06. Capsized (cryo remix)
07. Up (A Cold Case) (rotersand remix)
08. Stage Fright (splitter remix)

Edge of Dawn - "Anything That Gets You Through The Night" was the unusual title of the second Edge Of Dawn album, a collaboration between the creative force of Mario Schumacher and Seabound vocalist/psychology professor Frank M. Spinath. Released at the end of this past May, the album won the hearts and praise of the fans and press alike and found its way to the top of the DAC. Darkly hypnotic, this technically and stylistically mature album delivered a surprising number of melodic hits for electro-industrial clubs, chief among them "Stage Fright" which spent the entire summer in the charts.

Following up on the track’s success, the synth-pop duo now bring us not just a single but an entire "Stage Fright" EP complete with 2 remixes of the title song along with brand new unreleased tracks. Daniel Myer (Haujobb/Destroid) contributes the 'Regenade of Noise' remix of 'In Your Sleep' alongside mixes from both established names like Steril and Rotersand as well as newcomers like Cryo and Acretongue.

The new tracks 'Up' and 'Enchanted' are reminiscent of the high points of the album and if you look at the total running time, this EP is practically a new album itself. And if that's not enough, the album also includes a 12-page booklet and in it you will find a download code for 2 additional tracks! This EP is now available at your local record shop and can easily be ordered here.

You also can check out extra-long (2 minute) excerpts from the EP here and if that is not enough, you can download a complete track in full length and high quality mp3 for free!


15 October 2010 : Acretongue remixes Edge Of Dawn.

A remix of the Edge Of Dawn track 'Valid World' will appear on their remix EP 'Stage Fright'. The original can be found on the highly recommended album 'Anything That Gets You Through The Night'. The EP will be released in the first week of December on Dependent Records. More info here.

Also, the debut album by Ghost & Writer, 'Shipwrecks', which includes a remix of the track 'Fraud', will be released towards the end of January 2011, also on Dependent Records.


14 June 2010 : Recordings for new album completed and some remix news.

All recordings for the new album have been completed. 11 tracks, including a track with a very special guest vocalist. More on that at a later stage.. Next up, mixing.

A remix has also recently been completed for Ghost & Writer, a project by Frank Spinath (Edge Of Dawn & Seabound) and Jimmyjoe Snark III (The Weathermen). Some of you might remember them from the Septic VIII compilation (see below). This will be released towards the end of the year on Dependent Records.


16 February 2010 : General Update.

Work is still continuing on a new album. 2009 was quite a crap year and I'm glad it's over and done with. In the last month I've accomplished more than in the last year - a new album WILL be finished some time this year.
An official Facebook page has also recently gone up.


20 October 2009 : Acretongue remixes Helalyn Flowers.

A remix was recently completed for the Italian duo Helalyn Flowers. The track, "Sitting On The Moon", is from their forthcoming 2nd album "Stitches Of Eden". The remix will be released as part of the limited edition (2CD carton box), on the bonus disk entitled "The Comets Garden". A regular edition (1 disc) of the album will also be available. The release date is set for 27 November through the Alfa Matrix label.


11 September 2009 : Septic VIII released today!

Dependent Records' Septic VIII compilation finally sees it's release today! More info below. Prelistening mixes & more info can also be found here.

PS - Respect the music - please buy it!


30 July 2009 : Septic VIII.

A remix of 'Dragonfly' will be released on Dependent Records' compilation series 'Septic'. On this 8th installment, you'll also find Edge Of Dawn, Velvet Acid Christ, Mesh, & Apparat among others. A MySpace page has also been specifically created for this release. Release date is set for 11 September 2009.

Tracklist for Septic VIII:

01. Necro Facility - Do you feel the same? *
02. Informatik - Temporary (Synthetic Dream Foundation Mix)
03. Acretongue - Dragonfly (nymph) *
04. Mesh - Who Says? (Rough Mix) *
05. Apparat - Arcadia (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix Edit)
06. Edge Of Dawn - Stage Fright *
07. Biomekkanik - Pitch Black Ocean
08. Arzt+Pfusch - Constipated Disembowelment *
09. acid.milch&honig - Was Ich Seh *
10. Non Plus Ultra - Free Falling *
11. Aerodrone - Ready To Love (Demo Version) *
12. Velvet Acid Christ - Black Rainbows *
13. Ghost & Writer - Nightshift *
14. Encephalon - Scar On Scar *
15. KMFDM vs. Skold - Bloodsport
16. FÏX8:SËD8 - Dormicum
17. We Got This Far - Sedona

* previously unreleased


04 December 2008 : Acretongue remixes Seabound.

A remix of the track 'Breathe', was completed for the German duo Seabound. It will be released on a special rarities album that will coincide will their Alliance Tour II with De/Vision through North America. The album will also feature rare and unreleased remixes by Mindless Faith, Die Form, Forma Tadre, Haujobb, HECQ and Monozelle to name but a few. The album will be released through Metropolis Records on 03 February 2009.


02 December 2008 : Endzeit Bunkertracks Act IV.

The track 'Voyeur' will appear on the 'Endzeit Bunkertracks Act IV' compilation released through the Belguim label
Alfa Matrix. Acretongue also featured on the 3rd installment with 'Estranged'. The release date is set for 13 February 2009.


21 December 2007 : Reflections of Darkness reviews 'Nihil'.

There's another review up of 'Nihil' on the 'Reflections of Darkness' webzine. It's very thorough and gives a track-by-track breakdown of the album. You can find it here.


07 December 2007 : Endzeit released today.

The 'Endzeit Bunkertracks Act III' compilation mentioned below, got released today. If you still haven't obtained a copy, I suggest you do as soon as possible, as it most likely will be sold out soon. The complete tracklisting can be found here.

There's a nice little review up of 'Nihil' at Elektrauma. It's in German, but you can translate it through Google. Go check it out.


22 October 2007 : Endzeit Bunkertracks Act III.


Endzeit Bunkertracks Act III, a 4xCD boxset compilation on the Belgium label, Alfa Matrix will be released on 07 December 2007. The track "Estranged" is featured on this highly successful compilation series. The tracklisting for the 1st CD :

101. NACHTMAHR - Boom Boom Boom
102. NOISUF-X - Hit Me Hard (as hard as you can mix)
103. KRZON - Dead Or Alive
104. KOMBAT UNIT - We Are Machines (rumble remix by SOMAN)
105. LEAETHER STRIP - Battleground '07 (rumsfeld mix)
106. WYNARDTAGE - Praise The Fallen (ACYLUM mix)
107. UBERBYTE - Total War
108. CYLAB - Dented Halo (panel beaten remix by SKINJOB)
109. ACRETONGUE - Estranged *
110. HELALYN FLOWERS - E-race Generation (ANGELSPIT mix) **
111. THE JUDAS COVEN - Burn Your Soul
112. MODULATE - Skullf*ck
113. CAUSTIC - Mmm Papscraper I Love You (CERVELLO ELETTRONICO mix)
114. NEIKKA RPM - Umbrae Sub Noctem (endzeit mix)
115. ANGELS ON ACID - Misery Loves Company
116. UNTER NULL - Journey (v1)

* Unreleased

The tracklist for CD2 , CD3 , CD4 will be announced soon.


17 September 2007 : Remix news.

A remix was completed for new german goth-rockers, Rozencrantz. The remix is of the track "In These Arms" and will be released on their debut album "Salvation", through the Danse Macabre label in October.


18 April 2007 : Some clarity...

I've been inundated with emails due to the Septic VII appearance, asking where my records can be purchased. So here's the deal:

The "Lowhover" EP was mainly a demo for DJ's and record labels and was never intended for commercial release. There were roughly 40 copies made. If you have a copy, hold on to it, as it will not be released again in a CD format. It might be available as a free mp3 'package' on this site, in the near future..

Regarding "Nihil" (new album) - I still see this as a demo, but if I can sort out a label/distribution deal, it will be made available to the public.


01 March 2007 : Septic VII.


Septic VII, a compilation CD, on Dependent Records, will be released on 30 March in Europe. Alongside bands such as Skinny Puppy, Seabound, Mind.In.A.Box and Edge Of Dawn; Acretongue appears with a slightly reworked version of "Hollow". Check it out (and by that, I mean buy it!), as it's a solid compilation.

Tracklist for Septic VII:

01. Skinny Puppy - Politikil (Humble Brothers Remix) **
02. Mind.In.A.Box - Stalkers
03. Slok - Lonely Child (Club Version)
04. Edge Of Dawn - The Nightmare I Am (Tankt Remix)
05. Non Plus Ultra - Alice D (Club Version)
06. Acretongue - Hollow (v2.0) *
07. Controlled Collapse - Selfless
08. Necro Facility - Tuxedo
09. Cryo - Does It Hurt?
10. Caustic - Mmm Papscraper, I Love You (Cervello Elettronico Mix)
11. KMFDM - Der Mussolini
12. Standeg - Replikant
13. Iamx - Kiss And Swallow (Moonbootica Remix)
14. The Knife - Girls' Night Out
15. Seabound - Domination (Die Form Remix)

* Unreleased ** Rare *** Exclusive Remix