26 July 2013 : Dependence 2013.

Dependent Records is about to release their annual compilation, featuring rare and unreleased tracks from the label's roster. It includes a remix of 'These Soft Machines' by Haujobb. This is also the first 3rd party remix for Acretongue!

From Dependent's website: "Dependence 2013 once again offers 16 rare high-quality electro and EBM tracks, and at 10 Euros the price could hardly be more affordable.First and foremost, included are songs from the successful bands of 2013: Mesh swept the European charts with Automation Baby, and contributed A Perfect Idea of Beauty to the compilation. With their single Last Dance Covenant also didn’t move from the top of the German Alternative Charts for weeks. Their song For Our Time in a demo-version is after Last Dance a second, wonderful taste of the long-awaited album Leaving Babylon. Front Line Assembly, whose new album Echogenetic caused a stir in the music industry long before it was released, contributed the album-track Ghost in an alternative version. Brand new songs and spectacular music from Ghost & Writer, Pride and Fall remixed by SITD, Acretongue remixed by Haujobb, Seabound, Chrysalide, Skinny Puppy and KMFDM will also be found on Dependence 2013Dependence 2013 offers an exclusive look at the repertoire of the label – new listeners can get an overview and learn about the featured artists of the Gelsenkirchen-based label. The tracks are not boring outtakes or remixes that didn’t make the cut on an album or as singles; they have been compiled exclusively for this sampler. Due to this careful selection process, the sales of this compilation have risen, despite the overall trend of declining sales of compilation albums.."

Release date is set for 30 August 2013 in Europe.

Tracklist for Dependence 2013:

01. Ghost & Writer - Never Take Fire (Secret Mix)
02. Covenant - Four Our Time (Demo Version)
03. Pride And Fall - Hollow (SITD Remix)
04. Acretongue - These Soft Machines (Haujobb Remix)
05. Front Line Assembly - Ghost (Alternative Version)
06. Seabound - Nothing But Love (RMX)
07. Decoded Feedback - Blasphemy
08. Fractured - 10 Years
09. MESH - Perfect idea Of Beauty
10. Chrysalide - 2010 (Sonic Area Mix)
11. Clicks - On Speed
12. Encephalon - Desertropolis
13. KMFDM - I (heart) not
14. Skinny Puppy - Deadlines (Bratislava)
15. Veil Veil Vanish - Exile City
16. Velvet Acid Christ - Inhale Blood


17 September 2012 : Remix news.

Lots of remixes have been completed over the last couple of months. First up, a remix was done for Mortal Void of the track 'Inflict'. It is part of the remix album 'The Great Deception', and can by found on the bands' bandcamp site.. for free!

Next, there's a remix for Dead When I Found Her of the track 'Rain Machine'. To be released on the 2CD limited edition of the new album 'Rag Doll Blues'. Release date - 09 October through Artoffact Records.

Then, a remix for Swedish band, Unitary of the track 'Miscreation'. To be released on the new album 'Misanthropy', on 26 October through Infacted Recordings.

Other remixes include label mates, Encephalon & South African electro/indie rockers, Polar Dust. More on those as their release dates are confirmed..


10 April 2012 : Dependence 2012.

Dependent Records is about to release another installment in their Dependence compilation series. 'Dependence 2012' will feature mostly, rare and unreleased material from the labels' roster. 'Violent Pale' is a track that appeared on the first-ever demo, 'Lowhover' from 2004. It's presented here in a brand new, updated version.

From Dependent's website: "After stoking the flames in our Gelsenkirchen electro-forges for the first half of this year, “Dependence 2012” showcases the fireworks that will be on display at Dependent in summer and autumn. “Dependence 2012” will contain unreleased and exclusive recordings from veteran artists as well as the first high-profile releases from some of the scene’s hottest newcomer acts.
The track list shall feature brand new songs and spectacular remixes from the likes of Mesh, Front Line Assembly, Seabound, Pride And Fall, Decoded Feedback, Ghost & Writer, Dismantled, Stromkern, SKOLD, Informatik, Encephalon, Acretongue, KMFDM and more. This CD will come in a special embossed deep black jewel case containing 24-page booklet featuring massive detailed information on the label and artist roster and is the perfect introduction to the Dependent label for the uninitiated and a special treat for long-time fans. No outtakes or boring remixes here: just 14 high quality, basically exclusive tracks."

Release date is set for 27 April 2012 in Europe.

Tracklist for Dependence 2012:

01. Radioaktivists - Pieces Of Me *
02. KMFDM - Amnesia (Käpt’n K. Mix Edit) *
03. Mesh - You’ll Never Understand (Harder) **
04. SKOLD - Tonight (The Birthday Massacre Remix) *
05. Pride And Fall - Reborn *
06. Informatik - World Of Wonder *
07. Seabound - The Escape *
08. Dismantled - Whole Wide World *
09. Encephalon - The Transhuman Condition (Singularity) *
10. Front Line Assembly - Angriff (Project Pitchfork Mix) **
11. Stromkern - Ruin(ed) *
12. Acretongue - Violent Pale *
13. Ghost & Writer - Fraud (Decay Inc’s Fourty-Something Radio Mix) *
14. Velvet Acid Christ - Even Now *
15. Decoded Feedback - Another Loss *

* previously unreleased
** hard to find track


16 January 2012 : Septic X.

A remix of 'Oblivion' will be released on Dependent Records' compilation series 'Septic'. On this 10th installment, you'll also find Edge Of Dawn, Mindless Faith, Skold and Ghost & Writer among others. Release date is set for 27 January 2012.

Tracklist for Septic X:

01. SKOLD - Suck (Front Line Assembly remix)
02. Patenbrigade: Wolff - Maurerradio (extended version)
03. Radical G - Lucifer (long version)
04. KMFDM - Go To Hell (Cervello Elettronico remix)
05. Edge Of Dawn - Red Bank
06. Dismantled - Disease (VF remix]
07. Acretongue - Oblivion (abeyance)
08. Imperative Reaction - Side Effect (club version)
09. Volt 9000 - How To Start A War (original version)
10. Legacy Of Music - Tragedy featuring MESH
11. Angels On Acid - Epitaph (v2)
12. Ghost & Writer - Gambit (septic version)
13. Diskonnekted - Yesteryears (septic version)
14. System Syn - Absence (album version)
15. Mindless Faith - Next To Last (septic mix)
16. Crash Course In Science - No More Hollow Doors


14 October 2011 : Metropolis Records to release "Strange Cargo" in the US.

Metropolis Records will release the new album "Strange Cargo" for the US market. The US release date is set for
10 January 2012.


04 October 2011 : XL sound snippets & second teaser for "Strange Cargo".

Dependent has released 2 minute(!) snippets of each song from the new album. You can find them here. The second teaser for the new album, has also been released..


26 September 2011 : First teaser for "Strange Cargo".

The first teaser for the new album, "Strange Cargo", has been released. Expect more teasers in the coming weeks..


14 September 2011 : Cover artwork and tracklisting for Strange Cargo.


01. Origin
02. Flowers In The Attic
03. Unspoken
04. These Soft Machines
05. Orphan's Affinity
06. Amber
07. Dragonfly (version)
08. Riven
09. Strange Cargo
10. Oblivion

Release date is set for 28 October.


12 September 2011 : Acretongue signs to Dependent Records.

Acretongue has finally found a home on the German label, Dependent Records. Dependent, headed by label manager Stefan Herwig, has been responsible for some of the most memorable releases in the past 12 years. Label mates include Edge Of Dawn, Encephalon, Seabound, Front Line Assembly, Dismantled and Mesh to name a few.

The first release will be the new album "Strange Cargo".

From Dependent's website: "At the other end of the spectrum, Acretongue from South Africa take a more relaxed and surreal approach, using their samples and synth pads to create a surreal, otherworldly atmosphere reminiscent of a darker version of the labelmates The product of over 4 years of work, Nico Janse van Rensburg's fantastic debut "Strange Cargo" features some of the best cover art we've seen for some time."

"Strange Cargo" is set for release on 28 October. Further details about the album will follow shortly.


12 September 2011 : Acretongue remixes Haujobb.

A remix has been completed for Haujobb, of the track "Membrane". The remix will be part of the 2CD edition of their new album "New World March". As a taster, Haujobb has released the Binary Park remix of "Little World" for free from their Bandcamp page. The release date is set for 11 November.


06 September 2011 : Acretongue remixes Aiboforcen.

A remix was recently completed for the Belgian group Aiboforcen. The track, "Dédale", is the title track from their forthcoming 5th album. The remix will be released as part of the limited edition (2CD carton box), on the bonus disk entitled "Sanctuaire". The first 50 fans ordering this box from the e-shop can also get the super limited bonus 3" CD single, "L'Errance" featuring 4 additional exclusive remixes in special packaging. A regular edition (1 disc) of the album will also be available. The release date is set for 28 October.


10 July 2011 : First album, "Nihil" available on Bandcamp.

In August 2007, the first Acretongue album was released.. kinda. It was only meant to be a demo for record labels, and so, only about 50 copies were printed. I have long since ran out of these physical copies, but still get some requests regarding this album. As it was never commercially released, I've decided to release it through Bandcamp. I've never sold/asked for money for this album and won't do so now. The album is up as a free download. You will be able to select any format you want (mp3, FLAC, etc) and it also comes with a pdf booklet, that contains all the lyrics and credits. Just follow the Bandcamp link below.


01. Proxy
02. Basefader
03. Voyeur
04. Trust/Obey
05. De_nihil
06. Estranged
07. Dragonfly
08. Émigré (part i & ii)
09. Neverwhere



03 February 2011 : Blackvector interview.

An interview was recently done by swedish online magazine, Blackvector. Some interesting info on the origins of Acretongue, remixes and the progress of the upcoming album. The interview can be found here.


18 January 2011 : Ghost & Writer - Shipwrecks.

A remix of the Ghost & Writer track 'Fraud' will appear on their debut album 'Shipwrecks'. The album will be released 28 January 2011 on Dependent Records. More info here.


01. From Hell
02. Hitman
03. Capsized
04. Nightshift
05. Man on a Wire
06. Minefields
07. Integrity
08. Fraud
09. From Hell (iris)
10. Hitman (file not found)
11. Capsized (edge of dawn)
12. Nightshift (diskonnekted)
13. Man On A Wire (versus)
14. Minefields (ghost)
15. Integrity (the alpha conspiracy)
16. Fraud (acretongue)

You can download a complete track in full length and high quality mp3 for free!


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